Our cause

Imagine a world in which anyone can pursue whatever goal they want. A resilient society, in which anyone has the tools to live a health & pain-free life. To achieve this vision we build technology to democratise neurocentric training.

About us

Neurocentric training is the key to solve physical limitations as well as resilience, and Heyvie has a mission to democratize this method. Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, Heyvie builds data-driven technology to provide anyone with the option to automatically build an individual neurocentric toolkit. By giving people the options to move & consequently live as desired, Heyvie empowers personal freedom.





Something else?

How We Work

Hady & Marius have known each other for over 20 years. Thus the communication & culture is very open and team-like. We love to sit together, enjoy ourselves, have dinner or do sports with the team. Hady is a medical doctor and one of the sole experts for neurocentric training in Germany. Marius has over 5 years experience in startups and a proven track record of building businesses.

Working With Us

As much as we want anyone to move without compromise, we want you to be yourself without compromise. It is engrained in our values to enable personal freedom, which is why we always aim for helping you live the life you dream of. We like to enjoy one weekly dinner with the whole team as well as going to the gym together.